6. How were Abijam and Asa related?

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

1 ki 15:8 ≠ 1ki 15:1-2, 15:9-10

1Kings 15:8 And Abijah rested with his fathers and was buried in the City of David. And Asa his son succeeded him as king.

1Kings 15:1-2 In the eighteenth year of the reign of Jeroboam son of Nebat, Abijah became king of Judah and he reigned in Jerusalem three years. His mother’s name was Maacah daughter of Abishalom.

1Kings 15:9-10 In the twentieth year of Jeroboam king of Israel, Asa became king of Judah, and he reigned in Jerusalem forty-one years. His grandmother’s [Hebrew, KJV mother’s] name was Maacah daughter of Abishalom.

Maacah is described variously as Abijah’s mother and then as Asa’s mother, but Asa is Abijah’s son.

This is basically the same misunderstanding as yesterday, with exactly the same answer. In ancient Hebrew “mother” (אמ) is used for any female ancestor—mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. You need to look at the context to work out the exact biological relationship.

In 1 Kings 15:10 the KJV translates אמ literally as “mother”. Most modern translations recognise that in this context, where Maacah is clearly shown to be Asa’s grandmother, it’s better to translate it as “grandmother”, because that’s what the original author meant—he just didn’t have a separate word for it.

  1. Achi Joseph says:

    I do not agree that Maacah the daughter of Abishalom was Asa’s grandmother. she was his mother and he was Abijam’s son. the reason for this opinion is simply because it is not customary for the writers to trace the King’s genealogy beyond his mother. the common trend in scripture is to mention the mother only; no mention was ever made of a grand parent, except on the paternal genealogy. check the scriptures careful. Both Abijam and his mother were accused of following the vile and immoral practices of the heathen nations of their times. Much is left to the reader’s imagination as to how far he and his mother went . Note that she was queen as at the time of Abijams death. where was his wife? Asa had to depose her, for idolatrous practices.

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